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Why people depressed in Businesses

When we starting a business at that time we think that we are opening a bank FD with huge interest.

My dear businessman and great Entrepreneurs

Opening a business is not a huge task but running a business is not a child’s play……

Just start and think it is your core work to creat a good Will in your customers and also develop your business in that just follow some tricks to motivate all of them……

1-just know them thoroughly

2-just be updated with their activities and cheers them all their achievements

3- create a beleive in their work with your business

4-Try to follow their words

5-Try to meet with their friends,it will enhance your vale and profit also

6-Realise them, that why you are single choice for them for it always be updated with their plans and programs also

7-The main valuable thing is “Sale After Service” we always leave them or forget them when we sale them our things, this is the really very bad thing for our business or behavior.

8-Just remember your Mission, Visson and Reason When you making a buyer and seller relationship.

9-Be punctual with your words when you are delivering it to in front of them.

10-last but not the least : Greetings, is the main thing which will connect you with your customers and your friends also, Always give respect and response to them wit your full enthusiasm.

Just follow above of them one day you will be a great person, it doesn’t mean that on which platform you are standing at that time.

Have a great business……


Core of Business

The two key things of a great business is …….


2-Business System

if we follow these two things about our business we would definitely If grow one day.

But the main problem is we never thinks about it

Let me describe it very perfectionly

The first main key of business is man power to whom I call people, without man power we wouldn’t give the main shape of our business.

It works hard and for the organization also to polorise this power we need to learn how to creat emotions in our team or man peer to whom we will work in next level.

Now we are going to talk about business system.

If you work for you,business wouldn’t work for you.

This the main or core principal of business system.

The maine concept of business always says that if you really want to lead your business first of all you have to work for your prime customers.

You would have to respond them when they would needed your great support.

Customer happiness is the key of business system.

Let’s take an example:

A burger which has been made in Mac. D and one another from thela or from a local market.

I think the burger which I have tested in local market

Will be more tasty and sopicy then Mac D. And if it is true then why Mac D earning so much and the shop in local market which has more quality then Mac D’s earning very few in amount.

It is happening because of only and only business system if your business system is strong then you can get any thing what you want but if it is low then it may be hard to sustain in that market.